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Venepuncture/Phlebotomy (Group Session)


Venipuncture/Phlebotomy Workshop

The Venipuncture course is designed for nurses, enrolled nurses & qualified staff who may have not conducted venipuncture before or require a refresher to update their skill set. Attending this course will update your theory skills and provide the opportunity for practice before carrying out the procedure in a work environment. Following the theory of venepuncture there will be a pratical session designed to offer all participants to put their skills into practice in a controlled environment. Delegate will receive certificate of attendance


  • Legislation governing Venipuncture
  • Venipuncture introduction
  • Patient identification
  • Patient consent
  • Professional approach
  • Basic universal precautions
  • Selecting a site
  • Order of draw
  • Post venepuncture care
  • Specimen labelling
  • Special specimen handling
  • Trouble shooting and problems
  • Venipuncture Practical


Upon completion delegates will receive certificate of attendance.NB: Competency must be achieved within the workplace within 6 months of attending the course.

You cannot claim that you are competent in phlebotomy after only few successful attempt in a session. Competence will be deemed by future employers and can vary between institutions. We are unable to organise any voluntary work in hospitals for you to gain further experience. You will have to arrange this yourself.