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Bullying & Harassment ( Group Session)


This course will enable delegates to understand the fundamentals of workplace bullying and harassment and to explore and discuss good practice in preventing or dealing with them in their own organisations. It also aims to give an understanding of workplace bullying and harassment for those with managerial responsibility.  To be able to recognise bullying and harassment within their team and take practical steps to prevent it by leading by example and creating a positive team culture and manage it should it arise by tackling the issue and implementing orgnaisational policy


  • Defining workplace bullying and harassment
  • Understanding the protective characteristics that are legislated against in the UK
  • Recognising the behaviours that can lead to bullying & harassment at work
  • The difference between bullying and banter
  • Understanding the different types of bully and why people bully
  • The effects of bullying and harassment on the individual the bully and the organisation
  • Identify the legislation relating to harassment at work and the implications for themselves
  • Identifying your rights and responsibilities outline in the company policy (optional)
  • Know what to do if you think you are being bullied or harassed
  • How to request the behaviour to stop
  • How to report incidents of harassment
  • Informal and informal procedures
  • How you can promote respect and dignity at work


Upon completion delegates will gain knowledge, skills and understanding on how to deal with bullying and harrassment in the workplace. They will also receive certificate of attendance which is valid for 3 years.