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Safeguarding Children L2 (RQF)


This qualification specification is designed to outline all you need to know to offer this qualification at your centre. If you have any further questions, please contact your account manager. The qualification covers how to safeguard and protect children, young people, and practitioners in the workplace as well as how to respond to evidence or concerns that a child or young person has been abused. Children are those aged below 16 and young people are those aged between 16 and 18.

Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015, Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) and the Children Act 2004, place duties on a range of organizations to ensure they have regard to the need to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. This includes the need for appropriate safeguarding training, as employers are responsible for ensuring staff are competent to carry out their responsibilities towards the safeguarding of children and young people. This qualification can be used to support the training of employees.


Upon completion, delegates will gain knowledge, skills, and understanding on safeguarding children. They will also receive a certificate of attendance which is valid for 3 years.


  • Identify key elements of the law on safeguarding children and young people
  • Describe how practitioners can take steps to protect themselves from allegations and complaints within their everyday practice in a work setting
  • Identify ways in which concerns about children and young people can be reported
  • Identify the characteristics of different types of child abuse
  • Describe actions to take in response to evidence that a child or young person has been abused or is at risk of being abused
  • Describe how to respond to a child or young person who discloses abuse
  • Identify those people who the information of abuse or suspected abuse may be shared with