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The Level 3 Award in Supervising HACCP for Catering is a qualification aimed at those responsible for assisting in the development and maintenance of HACCP systems.It is suitable for those owning/managing smaller food businesses to give them the underpinning knowledge to implement an appropriate food safety management system based on HACCP principles.The qualification is intended predominantly for candidates already working in catering, with a sound knowledge of food safety, hazards and controls.


Upon completion delegates will gain knowledge and understanding around food safety and HACCP principles in the workplace. They will also receive certificate of completion which is valid for 3 years.


  • Legislation governing Food Safety and HACCP
  • Candidates must understand the importance of HACCP based food safety management procedures in a catering environment
  • Outline the initial processes for HACCP based food safety management systems
  • Outline the development of a HACCP system suitable for a catering environment
  • Outline the importance of identifying critical control points
  • Establish and implement monitoring 5.1 procedures at critical control points
  • Establish the corrective action to be taken when monitoring indicates a loss of control and a CCP
  • Outline verification and review procedures
  • Outline that the type of HACCP study implemented will vary in the catering industry