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CSTF Aligned Mandatory Trainer Pack

Unicare mandatory trainer pack  is well suited to staff competent in this skill and have experience facilitating in- house training. For staff with little or no experience in training why not have a look at our range of Train the Trainer Courses we provide. Our CSTF Aligned Mandatory  trainer pack is well researched and developed for ease of use.

Our CSTF aligned mandatory trainer pack is not for resale or commercial use.Our pack is flexible in that you can have additional slides added for example your areas policies and procedures and/or documentation as well as your company logo. Once altered we are unable to accept responsibility for content added. In order to purchase this pack for in-house training you must be a CQC registered organisation. Any questions please get in touch with the team before purchase as we can not issue refunds once products have been sent electronically or by post.

Our CSTF Aligned Mandatory Training Framework Mandatory Trainer Pack – Electronic Version

  • CSTF Aligned Mandatory Powerpoint presentation
  • Course Handouts
  • Course Assessment Paper
  • Student Evaluation Form
  • Course Certificate Template
  • Lesson Plan Template
  • Trainer support information
  • Course Register Template
  • Videos

CSTF Aligned Mandatory Training

Mandatory training is deemed to be  essential for safe and efficient functioning of health care organisations, patient safety  and for the safety of each member of staff. The requirement for annual statutory training become increasingly demand for Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals to ensure that Healthcare Professionals  have their  knowledge up  to date and skills required to deliver evidence based care for the patient’s safety and quality of care.

Unicare provides nurses and care staff a classroom training and practical involvement and assessments.The materials used in our mandatory training courses are evidence based and is delivered by expert trainers. Our CSTF aligned mandatory training pack is approved and also accredited by the CPD certification service.

The RCN’s Executive Director of Nursing and Service Delivery, said that “Mandatory training is there for a reason – this ensures that staff are up to date with infection control procedures, life saving techniques and good practice. Below are the following dates for this course.


  • Adult Basic Life Support Level 1 (CSTF Aligned)
  • Adult Basic Life Support Level 2 (CSTF Aligned)
  • Paediatric Basic Life Support Level 1 (CSTF Aligned)
  • Paediatric Basic Life Support Level 2 (CSTF Aligned)
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Manual Handling and People Moving Level 1 (CSTF Aligned)
  • Manual Handling and People Moving Level 2 (CSTF Aligned)
  • Fire Safety Level 1 (CSTF Aligned)
  • Fire Safety Level 2 (CSTF Aligned)
  • Infection Prevention and Control Level 1 (CSTF Aligned)
  • Infection and Prevention Control Level 2 (CSTF Aligned)
  • Information Governance (includes Caldicott Principles, Confidentiality, Freedom of Information, Data Protection, NHS Protect) (CSTF Aligned)
  • Health, Safety and Welfare Level 1 (CSTF Aligned)
  • Health and Safety and Welfare Level 2 (CSTF Aligned)


On successful purchase, trainers will be authorised to use the trainer pack with one year on-going trainer support to enable them to train learners confidently. Trainers will be able to provide both in-house and external training to their learners using this pack. Trainers will be able to produce unlimited certificates and deliver a course and certificate their learners. You are able to self-print certificates, workbooks and handouts, etc.