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Clinical Observation HCA


This clinical observation course has been designed for Healthcare Assistants who are looking to improve their medical skills and knowledge and will enable them to be employed within hospital environments.Why, when and how observations are conducted, the normal range for each observation and how to record as well as action to be taken outside the range are also covered. 


Upon completion delegates will gain knowledge, skills, strategies and understanding of vital signs. Delegates will have the chance to use the various clinical aids in observing and monitoring various vital signs.They will also receive certificate of attendance which is valid for 3 years.


  • Temperature monitoring and observation, 
  • Pulse monitoring and observation
  • Respiration monitoring and observation
  • Blood pressure monitoring and observation
  • Oxygen saturation monitoring and observation
  • Blood sugar level monitoring and observation
  • Urine testing
  • Peak flow testing
  • Measuring body weight (BMI)
  • Completion of fluid balance chart etc