BLS & Anaphylaxis


Basic Life support (BLS) what is it and why we need it? BLS is the provision of immediate emergency assistance to someone who is unconscious, not breathing, choking, severe bleeding or having cardiac arrest before paramedics arrive. The aim of BLS is to preserve life, promote recovery and prevent health deterioration This training will define Basic Life Support and identify essential components of Basic Life Support and how we can implement it in our daily lives. This is a practical based course and is mandatory all delegate participate.


Upon completion delegates will gain knowledge, skills, strategies and understanding of Basic Life Support and anaphylaxis management that would go a long way to save lives including family members or close relations. They will also receive certificate of attendance.


  • Legislation governing Basic Life Support
  • Dealing with Unconscious person who is breathing and not breathing (Adult, Child and Infant)
  •  Putting a person in a recovery position (Adult, Child and Infant)
  • Administering CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) to an unconscious person  (Adult, Child and Infant)
  • Dealing with a Foreign Body Airway Obstruction (Adult, Child and Infant)
  • Dealing with Anaphylactic Condition
  • Managing Anaphylactic Condition