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GSA 1 Day PMVA RefresherWorkshop


GSA PMVA (Prevention and Management of Violence and aggression) training helps to reduce the risks of violence and aggression by developing staff knowledge, skills and attitudes to effectively manage incidents from various groups, for example from patients or residents to staff, from Visitors to staff and even from Staff to Staff.  This course is accredited by  GSA . This course is accepted throughout many NHS trusts.  All our tutors are GSA trained.


On completion delegates  will learn to safely apply appropriate non-restrictive or (where necessary) restrictive physical interventions as alternatives to the primary non-escalation and secondary de-escalation strategies which we will help you to put in place.Delegates will receive an accredited certificate of attendance which is valid for 1 year. The certificate is issued by GSA  global leading industry in personal safety.


  • Health and Safety at Work Act
  • Personal Safety Awareness & Challenging Behaviour
  • The Law and the Use of Reasonable Force
  • Mental Capacity Act
  • Risk in Restraint
  • Recent Influences on Physical Intervention (Guidelines)
  • Human Right Act
  • Conflict Management 9De-escalation and Communication)
  • Wrist Grabs (parallel and Diagonal)
  • Clothing Grabs (Various)
  • Slaps, Punches and Kicks
  • Hair Pulls (*Various including Pony Tail Grabs)
  • Chair De-escalation
  • Strangle holds
  • Planned Approach ( Restraining Violent Patient as Part of a Response Team)
  • Role of the Head Person
  • Prone Restraint
  • Managing Legs
  • Supine Restraint & IM Medication
  • Turning the Patient
  • Seclusion Exits & Seated De-escalation