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Providers who have applied for registration will be interviewed by a member of the CQC team prior to them accepting your registration. In this document is a selection of questions that the interviewer may ask on your fit and proper person interview. It is advisable to have reviewed your CQC application recently, the essential standards and your services statement of purpose. The questions are divided into sections about you, your team and your service, those related to the outcomes in the essential standards and finally your understanding of the regulatory framework for your Regulations 5 – CQC Interview.

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Written Questions & Answers

Have an interview lined-up or awaiting to be scheduled? Get our CQC Interview Questions & Answers for your fit and proper person interview.

Written Questions & Answers

Includes: The written questions and answers CQC have asked our previous 600+ clients.

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Written Questions & Answers + Preparation

 Includes: The written questions and answers CQC have asked our previous 600+ clients and audio/video consultation with our CQC Consultant to prepare for your interview.

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