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Level 3 End of Life Qualification (Accredited Online)


This online course is designed for care workers who work with and support on a daily basis, individuals who are nearing the end of life. The key focus of the course is to raise awareness and educate the carer in order to drive up the quality and standard of care for those facing the end of their life.


  • Explain the range of care types available to the person with life-limiting illness
  • Explain the importance of dignity, empathy and comfort for the person reaching the end of life
  • Identify the importance of values, beliefs and communication in the delivery of palliative care
  • Explain the types, symptoms and stages of grief and the importance of support for those who are grieving
  • Describe the physical care required by an individual in the last stages of life
  • Describe the psychological, emotional and spiritual care required by an individual in the last stages of life
  • Identify the support and development available to family members who provide care
  • Explain the impact of bereavement on the family and the support required to aid recovery
  • Explain the importance of self-care on combating personal stress and enhancing well-being
  • Describe the importance of relaxation and humour in aiding well-being


Once you have completed all the online learning materials for these courses, you will be required to complete an online assessment. If you fail the online knowledge test, do not worry – You are given 5 chances to revise the e-learning materials and retake the course at no extra charge. Once you pass you will be able to save and print out all your accredited certificates for these bundles.

All of our online workshops are accredited and in line with the universally accepted Continuous Professional Development standards. The CPD accreditation group require a robust process of content development, peer review and compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements. Once you have successfully completed the knowledge test, you will be sent a CPD accredited certificate via email.


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