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Infection & Prevention Control L3 (Accredited Online)


The Health Act (2006) states that: ‘The prevention and control of Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI) is a high priority for all parts of the NHS and other healthcare providers.’ It is estimated that about 1 in 10 people receiving care acquire HCAI whilst they are in hospital. HCAI costs the NHS in excess of £1billion per year and causes 5,000 deaths per year. There is no reason to believe that the problem is any less in other types of care provision. 30% of HCAI is preventable through good infection control practices, therefore, the risk of poor infection control practices by care workers presents a significant risk.

The legislation requires that every organisation involved in the delivery of care must be committed to an approach, whereby, the prevention and control of infection is viewed as an integral part of service delivery and development. The law requires that the organisation provides education and training on the prevention and control of infection in order for staff to understand their responsibilities and the action they must take. This online course is designed for all care workers or individuals who, as a key part of their role work with individuals who receive care, treatment and support. It will enable students to understand the key issues relating to infection control and the key principles that should be adopted to prevent the spread of infection.

During their study the student will gain an understanding of the types and causes of infection, plus the signs of and effects that pathogens and infection can have on individuals and organisations. There will be an exploration of the prevention of cross-infection with a particular emphasis on keeping people safe and free from HCAI. The law relating to the control of infection is explored. This course encourages the student to take personal action to develop and enhance their practice when caring for individuals who are vulnerable and so have the potential to acquire HCAI.


  • Explain what is meant by infection, its signs and causes
  • Identify how infection is spread
  • Explain the importance of preventing the spread of infection
  • Identify the measures that should be taken to minimise the spread of infection
  • Explain the responsibilities of workers, the importance of legislation and risk assessment relating to infection control
  • Explain the importance of personal hygiene in preventing the spread of infection
  • Identify the key characteristics of effective cleaning, disinfection, sterilisation and handling of sharps


Once you have completed all the online learning materials for these courses, you will be required to complete an online assessment. If you fail the online knowledge test, do not worry – You are given 5 chances to revise the e-learning materials and retake the course at no extra charge. Once you pass you will be able to save and print out all your accredited certificates for these bundles.

All of our online workshops are accredited and in line with the universally accepted Continuous Professional Development standards. The CPD accreditation group require a robust process of content development, peer review and compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements. Once you have successfully completed the knowledge test, you will be sent a CPD accredited certificate via email.


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