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Sugar Treats Banned from NHS Trust Hospital

In January, it is likely that most people will be keen to improve their health or make changes to the way that they live. Food is at the heart of modern day life and there is no doubt that most people could benefit from improving their nutrition. A failure to eat well increases the likelihood of people suffering poor health, which means that they may be reliant on the NHS. This is why it makes sense for the NHS to care about what people and at Manchester hospital has taken steps to ban sugar from its restaurant area.

There are people who back this campaign and who called on other hospitals and NHS Trusts to follow suit. The National Obesity Forum are even calling on The Department of Health to take a stand on sugar and to take a lead from Tameside Hospital. At the hospital, the only drinks that visitors can buy are water, milk, coffee and tea.

Some of the food and drink that will no longer be available in the canteen include:
• Apple crumble
• Breakfast cereals that are high in sugar
• Cheese and onion pies
• Drinks with a high sugar content
• Food that is high in carbs

Food and drink that will be more prominent in the canteen include:
• Food that is high in protein
• Fruit salad
• Paella
• Porridge
• Stroganoff
• Water

It is not as if it is only the NHS that is making these changes. Many major manufacturers are reacting to upcoming changes with respect to sugar tax. Coca Cola have announced that they will be selling smaller bottles while Irn-Bru has pressed ahead with a change in their recipe. This has caused outrage in Scotland with many people promising to boycott the new recipe drink and there have been social media stories of people stockpiling drinks made with the current recipe.

Kellogg’s are changing big recipes too
There has also been movement from other manufacturers with Kellogg’s making moves to remove Ricicles from the market and many people have complained about the change in taste of Coco Pops. It is clear that steps are being made to minimise the amount of sugar that people are consuming and the fact that major organisations are taking steps in this direction suggests that NHS Trusts are not out of touch with the way that many people are thinking.

January 24, 2018

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