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NHS urged to Utilise Artificial Intelligence

You will find that many people are making calls for businesses and organisations to utilise Artificial intelligence, AI, in their activities. At this point, you can see why AI offers great potential but there are many costs associated with this technology. There is also the fact that many people are unwilling to try something new, and this can be a problem if you are looking to reach out to a mainstream market. This is definitely an issue that the NHS has to face.
There are repeated calls for the NHS to utilise AI as much as possible but many patients will not be happy with this. A lot of people want to speak to a doctor, nurse or qualified medical professional. This means that they won’t be happy to take guidance or medical advice from technology, even though these new methods can save time while still offering a high standard of medical advice and guidance.

There are calls for more AI to be used by NHS
The latest professional to make calls for the NHS to introduce AI is the Chairman of the Commons Science and Technology Committee. Norman Lamb is the person behind these calls and he states that the rewards on offer from using AI would be “immense” with respect to diagnosing patients and saving money.
It is clear that the NHS needs to cut back on expenditure but it cannot run the risk of the quality of services being diminished. This is why solutions that save money but actually improve the standard of service on offer should be viewed as a positive thing.

Privacy must be protected when technology is used
However, even Mr Lamb was at pains to point out that there are issues with AI that need to be met before the NHS fully commits. There is a clear need to ensure that people’s privacy is ensured and that the NHS receives a “fair deal” from the companies that implement the systems. One of the biggest issues about new technology is the cost associated with implementing and running these systems. While these technological advances can save money in the long run, they often require a high level of investment in the first place, and this is something that the NHS may struggle with.
At this point, only a small amount of NHS Trusts have implemented AI into their work and it may be that there needs to be more direction for Trusts in this area. This means that the service, as a whole, has to consider the benefits of AI and work on offering clarity about the direction the NHS should take with respect to AI.

January 24, 2018

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