CQC Training / Workshop

Group Workshops or One-to-One

Our CQC workshop package has been designed and developed to give you the necessary knowledge to understand the new fundamental standards and how to remain compliant with the CQC Health & Social Care Act. Our CQC training has been developed using the Care Quality Commissions (CQC) standards, good practice examples, inspection styles, feedback from our clients, with all this we can assure you that you will receive a good insight into how the regulator inspects your service using triangulation and observational techniques.

CQC Training Prices


One To One


Base Charge: £1000
Location: Ours


Group Workshops


Base Charge: £750
Per Attendee: £150 (minimum 3 attendees)
Location: Yours / Ours


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Its simple! Just provide us your service details, basic business information, key names and positions, provide us with your letter-head and we will do our magic.

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