CQC Site Visits

Premises Suitability Visit - Regulation 15

Regulation 15 of CQC requires the premises to be suitable for the registered regulated activity. If you are setting up a new health service, this service is ideal for you to establish the suitability of your premises prior to filling your application for the registration. Site Visits will identify issues which you need to address before your CQC Site Visits.

What's Included?

 The highlights for this package are:

CQC Site Visits Prices

Site Visit - Premises Suitability

Site Visit via Video Call / Pictures / Videos

Includes: The review of your suitability of premises from Regulation 15 perspective through digital consultation.

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Site Visit - In Person Visit

 Includes: One of our consultants to attend your site and provide you one to one feedback on suitability. 

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What’s Next? How does it work? What will I have to do?

How to go ahead?

Its simple! Just provide us your service details, basic business information, key names and positions, provide us with your letter-head and we will do our magic.

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