CQC Retainer Package

Comrade / Soldiers

Time to time you may wish that you had someone who could breakdown the regulations and give you the crux summary of requirements, standards, and compliance. Well, here we are, you can avail our retainer services in which we will answer for you and your staff at any time of the day. 

CQC Mock Inspections Prices

Retainer Services

Moderate Contact


Minimum 12-month Contract.

£100/ month

Infinity Contact


Minimum 12-month Contract.

£300/ month

Extensive Contact


Minimum 12-month Contract.

£200/ month

What’s Next? How does it work? What will I have to do?

How to go ahead?

Its simple! Just provide us your service details, basic business information, key names and positions, provide us with your letter-head and we will do our magic.

If you are ready, we are ready too! mail us at info@unicaresupport.com or call us now.

Request call back.

Would you like to discuss your current CQC issue over the phone? Just submit your details and we will be in touch shortly. You can also email if you prefer.