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CQC Inspection Consultation


Achieving successful registration with the CQC is, as many care providers know, only half the story. Ensuring that your business continues to offer high quality care is equally dependent upon successfully passing your CQC inspections. Failure to pass a CQC inspection may have serious consequences, such as the suspension of services. Such action may hamper the commercial viability of your care organisation, so making sure the right policies and procedures are in place to provide all of your service users with the best possible care is of paramount importance. Successfully utilising a management system from QCS helps to move you immeasurably towards achieving this goal.

Unicare Support Services are pleased to announce the introduction of a new service which will be of interest, we are sure, to our many customers within the Care Sector in addition to new  enquirers. We are able to provide a CQC Consultancy Service where we will visit your Care Establishment and undertake a Pre Audit Inspection Visit along the same lines as would occur if a CQC inspection were to take place.

Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes, someone from outside the organisation to review standards objectively in order to obtain a real picture. It is not about right or wrong but rather about implementing processes for continual improvement.  Let our compliance officers point out the opportunities for improvement before the CQC Monitoring do.


all have vast experience of care home inspections and will review systems and procedures in place in respect of current standards and guidelines and, as far as possible, their visit will mirror that of a CQC Inspector.  Any issues of non-compliance will be highlighted in order to support you to rectify them.

The benefit of commissioning this service is to prepare and ensure readiness before your CQC visit takes place. As part of our service we will arrange a free of charge initial 1 hour visit on site or on the phone in order to do a need analysis This will help you to decide whether you wish to commission a full pre audit visit going forward. Visits can be arranged to accommodate individual requests and, after the audit has taken place, we will come out with points of recommendation and any actions as required for the future.
Our full compliance audit covering the 5 areas of the new CQC inspection module is £650.00 and this entails a whole year telephone support should you require additional assistance.
All enquires are welcome, therefore, in this respect if you do have any interest in this service please do not hesitate to contact us on 0203 291 3743 for an initial discussion.

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