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1 Day Breakaway Workshop ( Group Session)


Our 1 day Breakaway training will include Positive Behaviour Support strategies including primary (planning), secondary (de-escalation), responsive and recovery. It also looks at the law and best practice around the use of breakaways and physical interventions as a last resort. Breakaways are directed at a person’s safe movement or moving away from danger and being able to defend attacks such as slaps and punches, kicks, grabs etc. This course will enable delegates to understand breakaway fundamentals in the workplace and to explore and discuss good practice under breakaway.


  • Relevant Legal frameworks around breakaway training and techniques
  • Understand the common causes and build up of an attack in the workplace
  • Recognise an escalating violence risk in the workplace
  • Actions to avoid being restrained or attacked by a service user or client
  • Use preventative strategies to keep safe during breakaway
  • Use Body Language and Find Escape Routes during breakaway
  • Safely disengage from being held by a client or service user
  • Safely disengage another person from being held by a client or service user
  • Avoid and defend kicks and punches from client or service user
  • Deploy effective self-protection if needed
  • Breakaway Post incident actions 
  • Record keeping and de-briefing after breakaway


Upon completion delegates will gain knowledge, skills and understanding around breakaway in the workplace. They will also receive certificate of attendance which is valid for 1 year.