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  • Disposable High Back Sling with Clips – Small

    This Disposable High Back Sling with Clips – Small is a full body, divided leg sling with a stiffened head support. This style of sling is highly supportive, cocooning…

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  • Easy Rise Cushion

    The high degree of spring in the Easy Rise Cushion allows it to utilise the users own body weight to help the user rise to a standing position with…

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  • EPSON EB-S31 Long Throw Office Projector

    The Epson EB-S31 Projector provides high quality images whether you choose to use it at home or in the office. Making use of 3LCD technology, the EB-S31 Projector benefits from…

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  • Face Shields – Roll of 36

    Face Shield: Offering protection to both rescuer and victim when used by CPR trained rescuers. Used by CPR trained rescuers For inclusion with corporate CPR training courses, and in first aid kits

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  • Fleece Revolving Seat Cushion

    Enables a person to swivel and transfer easily whilst sitting, usually with carer support.

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  • Folding Commode

    Ideal folding commode for use when travelling or when space is limited. Perfect for use when you’re away from home, the Folding Commode is sturdy and strong yet folds away…

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  • Folding Easy Fit Bed Rail

    Provides additional support when getting in and out of bed.  Make your evenings and mornings much easier and safer with the Folding Easy Fit Bed Rail, designed to support…

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  • Harley Mattress Tilter

    The Harley Mattress Tilter, another product from the award winning Harley brand, is a really versatile, simple and cost effective bed wedge that can be placed under the mattress…

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