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  • Repose Cushion Wedge

    The inflatable Repose Cushion is a brilliant-but-simple pressure cushion that gives sturdy support and distributes a user”s weight very evenly to provide real user comfort. Ideal for use on all types…

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  • Rise and Recliner Chair – Black PVC

    The Rise and Recliner Chair comes in an easy to clean, black PVC that has passed the Anti-Microbial ASTM G-21-96 and Crib 5 standards. The memory foam seat upholstery provides…

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  • Robin Two Way Ceiling Hoist

    This Robin Two Way Ceiling Hoist provides a practical method of transfer incorporating a two strap design rather than a spreader bar. This design offers a safe, secure and…

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  • Simulaids Adult Brad CPR Manikin

    This cost-effective CPR manikin is made of soft, realistic vinyl plastic over polyurethane foam. The Manikin features include: long torso for realistic abdominal thrusts, realistic head tilt and chin…

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  • Transfer Turntable

    Enables a person to swivel and transfer easily whilst standing, usually with carer support. Move from one chair to another or to and from your bed with this Transfer Turntable….

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  • Universal AED Practi-Trainer

    We are proud to introduce the AED Practi-Trainer Universal AED Trainer. It has all the easy features and simple to use functions of a live defibrillator needed to teach…

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  • Uplifting Seat Cushion

    The Uplifting Seat Cushion is a highly effective seating aid that helps the user to stand from a seated position. Shifting one’s weight forward onto one’s feet activates the…

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  • Voyager 420 Ceiling Hoist

    The Voyager 420 Ceiling Hoist is an expertly designed and manufactured piece of equipment that is intended to make transfers simpler, easier and safer for users. This is the…

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