NHS Receiving Backing From All Parties


NHS receiving backing from all parties in build up to General Election

With campaigning for the June General Election now in full swing, it is understandable that there are a number of key issues regarding life in the United Kingdom being mentioned over and again. There is no denying that the state of the NHS, and the future of the health body, is at the forefront of many people’s minds. There is a slight concern that the NHS is being used by the leading parties but if this means that there will be support and assistance provided to the healthcare provider, it may not be the worst thing in the world. Of course, given the promises that were made about the NHS in the run-up to the European Union Referendum, it is important to not get carried away with what may be said in the build-up to the vote.

There has already been some discussion on how the NHS will benefit if the Conservative party remain in power so it is no surprise to hear people backing the opposition to come out with reasons why their success will be good news for the NHS. The Unison Health Conference was the setting for Jonathan Ashworth, the Shadow Health Secretary, to announce a number of promises that will come into effect if the Labour party moves into power after the election. The Unions have supported the Labour party after they have promised to remove the 1% NHS pay cap for employees while also reversing the cuts that have been cited for student bursaries.

These are two issues where a lot of people in the NHS have concerns about, so this could be a factor that will make many people consider what party is likely to be best for their needs. When you think about the number of people employed by the NHS across the UK and the even larger volume of people who rely on the NHS for support of themselves or their loved ones, there is no denying that the NHS is a major issue in the run-up to this election.

The NHS is an essential component of British life

Words from politicians don’t always have the power or live up to their promise, so it is important that people take every speech and statement with an air of caution. It would be fantastic if the NHS was to benefit from the Government that sits in place after the General Election, but there is an understanding that there are many issues for any UK Government to deal with. In an ideal world, fixing the NHS and ensuring that the service is as strong as possible would be a top priority but there are many other pressing concerns to deal with too.

If the NHS is operating efficiently and effectively, virtually everyone in the country benefits, so it should be something that politicians focus on. The only problem comes with the fact that some politicians, across all of the political parties, may be using the NHS to curry favour but when the time comes for action; they may not be as quick to back up what they initially said.

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